Love is higher than opinion. If people love one another, 最不同的意见也能被调和……这是当今和未来人类最重要的任务之一:人类应该学会共同生活并相互理解. 如果这种人际交往没有实现,所有关于内在发展的讨论都是空谈.  -Rudolf Steiner

Support the Asian Community!

去年,针对亚裔美国人的仇恨犯罪增加了150%! Last week, these crimes turned violent. 一名36岁的亚洲男子在纽约街头行走时被刺伤, 一名61岁的菲律宾男子在乘坐地铁时被划伤脸部. 前NBA球星林书豪在为金州勇士队效力时被称为“冠状病毒”. 在Facebook上,林写道:“澳门永利最新备用网址厌倦了被告知要低调行事,不要制造麻烦.”

Summerfield’s Diversity, Equity & 包容(DEI)小组致力于提高澳门永利最新备用网址社区反对种族主义的意识, sexism and hate. 澳门永利最新备用网址邀请你加入澳门永利最新备用网址的行列,谴责针对亚洲人的种族替罪羊和暴力行为,并提供澳门永利最新备用网址的支持.

Don Basmajian
For the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


George Floyd, by Jake Messing, 2020. Jake是SWSF校友,专业的艺术家和老师,也是SWSF的家长

George Floyd, by Jake Messing, 2020. Jake是SWSF校友(2000届),专业的艺术家和教师,也是SWSF的家长

Summerfield’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AWSNA Member Commitment* to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion**

华德福学校和学院倡导尊重人权和人类多样性, and we believe that valuing and supporting diversity, equity, 包容包含了道德和教育两方面的重要性. Through our commitment to social justice, 澳门永利最新备用网址认识到解决种族主义和不平等的历史背景和地方性问题的价值. 支持这种承诺的是对所有人的精神本质和人类关系有意识发展的重要性的人类哲学理解, 如《澳门永利最新备用网址》和《澳门永利最新备用网址》中的原则1和原则5所述. These principles state, 分别是:“人类作为精神存在的形象渗透在学校的每一个方面,和“有意识地发展人际关系能促进个人和社区的健康。.”

As cultural institutions rooted in our communities, we strive to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion through healthy policies and practices. This commitment may look different depending on the community, location, and age of the school or institute, and may include elements such as: DEI committees and position statements; partnerships with organizations with expertise on diversity and equity; tuition models that support socio-economic diversity; admissions and employment practices that recognize and honor racial and gender diversity; curricular innovations; diverse perspectives in curriculum; activities to build bridges with broader communities; and specific education programs that suit the needs of the location, among other possibilities.

* -会员承诺或立场声明是一份内部文件,用以在会员之间就某一特定焦点领域达成协议. 成员们希望在自学中分享他们为达成这一协议所做的努力. 同行对这些努力的投入是以建议的形式而不是优先级的形式, as it is not a criterion for membership.
** -多样性是人类差异的范围,可以用于服务于学习,包括, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, culture, place, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, country of origin, cultural, political, religious, military, 或其他附属机构(改编自光辉山华德福学校).
Equity is fair treatment, access, opportunity, 为所有人谋求进步,同时优先确定和消除阻碍边缘化群体充分参与和平等待遇的障碍(许多网站上的普遍定义)。.
DEI (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion)是一个以美国为中心、不断演变的术语. In the US, sometimes just the terms “equity” and “inclusion” are used, or the term “social justice” is used. In Canada, 第一民族社区与这一主题相关的很多语言都是从“真相与和解行动呼吁”发展而来的. In the spirit of committing to take action now, 澳门永利最新备用网址协会的成员采用“DEI”一词,因为他们知道一个国家的独特历史可能需要特定的语言和适当的相关活动.
Approved by the Continental Delegates on June 24, 2019

We, the Summerfield community past, 现在和未来都坚决反对澳门永利最新备用网址这个世界和体制中的种族主义,这些种族主义对澳门永利最新备用网址的过去、现在和, though differently, each of us. 澳门永利最新备用网址的历史和当前事件增强了澳门永利最新备用网址的决心,作为一所学校,澳门永利最新备用网址要教育年轻人尊重和尊重所有人的人性,而不管他们有什么不同,要能够认识到澳门永利最新备用网址的差异,从而团结澳门永利最新备用网址,使澳门永利最新备用网址更强大, and that every human should have equal rights and freedoms. 澳门永利最新备用网址努力让澳门永利最新备用网址的教育发展年轻人的想象能力, 改造和创造这些理想能够实现的社区和社会. 澳门永利最新备用网址的心与所有那些遭受苦难和死于不公正之手的人一道哀悼, prejudice and racism here in our county, our country and throughout the world.

—Ignacio Garat, Jason Gross and Rachel McGarva
The Governance Council on behalf of the Summerfield Community

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