Air Quality Protocol & FAQ, 2021-2022




In today’s California, large-scale fires are becoming more common. Even when fires burn hundreds of miles away, the impact on the air here in the Bay Area can be felt for days, sometimes weeks.

家长、教育工作者、学生和社区成员理应受到关注. 作为一所独立的华德福学校,为学生提供从幼儿园到十二年级的服务, 萨默菲尔德华德福学校和农场(SWSF)不仅在孩子的教育方面发挥着重要作用, but ensuring their safety and security. 只要澳门永利最新备用网址能够继续服务和保护学生,澳门永利最新备用网址的家庭就会依靠澳门永利最新备用网址继续开放. Doing so is our number one priority. 澳门永利最新备用网址也认识到,当学校在空气质量差的日子照常上课时,家长个人是学生上学条件的最佳判断者.

Below is a summary of how we manage different levels of air quality

Green (Good – AQI 0-50)

● Maintain regular school routines
● Continue outdoor recess, lunch and PE

Yellow (Moderate – AQI 51-100)

● Maintain regular school routines
● Continue outdoor recess, lunch and PE

Orange (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups – AQI 101-150)

● Cancel School

If air quality deteriorates during the school day:

●监测所有儿童,特别是有健康问题(如哮喘)的儿童, and take action if needed
● Cancel after school activities

如果您的孩子有任何严重的健康问题,请告知您孩子的老师和办公室的工作人员。, 尤其是那些可能因过敏而出现呼吸道问题的人, asthma, recent upper respiratory infections, etc., as we will be taking extra care with these students. 还请记住,澳门永利最新备用网址必须为学生提供一份紧急情况简介表, listing any required medication at school. 此外,如果您的学生患有哮喘,澳门永利最新备用网址要求您填写并归还 Asthma Action Plan.


SWSF has developed these Frequently Asked Questions (常见问题),帮助家长及照顾者了解学校对空气质素差的反应. 如有必要,SWSF保留更新本FAQ及其协议的权利.

SWSF用什么资源来做关于空气质量和澳门永利最新备用网址的决策 response?

SWSF, along with all schools in Sonoma County, 使用EPA的AQI监测工具监测空气质量指数, which aggregates data from and With the advice of the County Health Department, we use this source because it is calibrated and regulated. Other popular websites are part of the “internet of things,” which are not currently calibrated or regulated, 导致学校在做决定时不能完全依赖阅读. This is not to say that sites such as these might not evolve into a reliable resource; it’s simply to say that they are not currently the tools the school will use. We encourage parents and community members to use, as well.


Using Air Quality Index (AQI) numbers from, we apply the recommendations from the Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools to determine the appropriate activities based on the AQI.

● When air quality index levels are above 100, 每个教室都配备了大容量的教室空气净化器(对烟雾和COVID都有效),学生们将进入室内。, 关闭门窗,这是可以接受的,也是最安全的选择 to reduce harmful exposure
● When air quality index levels reach 100-150, “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, we will cancel school and afterschool programs
● Field trips to indoor locations will move forward as planned. 当空气质量指数低于100时,将按计划进行户外实地考察


SWSF refers to the Air Quality and Outdoor Activity Guidance for Schools 从环境保护署(EPA)来告知澳门永利最新备用网址照顾患有哮喘和/或其他呼吸道健康问题的学生的决定. 一如既往,澳门永利最新备用网址的工作人员将优先考虑学生的健康需求,并遵循学生的健康计划. If your child has asthma and/or other related health concerns, 请确保他/她的哮喘行动计划得到更新,包括在空气质量差的日子做出反应,并向学校提供必要的药物和必要的指导.

父母/照顾者可以采取什么步骤来支持他们的孩子在贫困期间 air quality?

鼓励父母与孩子谈论空气质量问题. Being in conversation with your child helps reduce confusion. Other steps parents can take include:

● If your child has asthma or related health concerns, please refer to the above “sensitive group” question.
● Remind children to drink plenty of water.
● Remind students to report symptoms including coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and chest tightness. If symptoms occur, your child might need to take
medicine as prescribed. If symptoms don’t improve, consult your physician.
vehicle transportation.

空气质量差时,家长可否让孩子待在家里 and will the absence be excused?

YES, 希望并有能力让孩子待在家里的父母这样做是受支持的. 旷课将被原谅,学生将负责补课.



Will SWSF “make up” days when school is closed due to air quality

学校将尽一切可能避免因停课而重新安排“补课”日. It is within the purview of the Governance Council, in consultation with the School Board, to determine whether any extra school days are necessary.

家长可从哪里获得最新的SWSF资讯 Air Quality and school closures?

SWSF通过电子邮件和学校向家长和工作人员发送信息 Messenger. 当澳门永利官网入口发生变化时,家长和工作人员必须及时更新他们的电子邮件和电话澳门永利官网入口. Communications from the school are archived on the SWSF Parent Portal, under the Messages icon. 有时,SWSF还会激活短信和自动语音通话系统,发送重要信息.

To whom should parents and staff direct questions or provide input regarding air quality and school closures?

学校管治委员会成员随时准备回答有关空气质素的任何问题, school protocols, and safety. Questions can be directed to